Friday, 18 March 2011

This is how you get free pearls

you need a Cell Phone, if you don have acellphone thats ok there is another option, the other option is a Home Phone.

If you are using a Cellphone text: BIG 5641475 to 52624, this number (5641475) is like a tracking number, when you text it, it will receive your ip adress from your phone, it will then connect to your computer and find your seafight account ID, it uses your ID to transfer the pearls to your account.

If you are using a Home Phone, call this number, (1 900 528 0528), the operator will ask you a few questions like, "do you want service in english? if so press 1" so just follow along, now when it says to enter your code, use this number (1755584) this number works exactly like the cell phone method, but you only have to call one time, you get 10k pearls a minute, this means every minute you stay on the phone, it gives your account 10k pearls, you dont have to listen to the crap music or "helpfull" infrormation it gives you.

Have Fun with your new pearls, i will be finding NEW methods to getting free pearls, but for now i only know these 2 methods.